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The Joyful Budgeting App

Say hello to your new financial companion,
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  • Track all your savings,
    watch it pile up

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    it's super simple

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    Hear it from the community

    There are so many wonderful people out there helping, educating, and inspiring others to improve their financial life.

    Create Budgets

    Stop overspending and get to know exactly how much you have left to spend by planning ahead using budgets.

    Track all Expenses

    Quickly add your transactions to see how much you're spending and where your money going.

    Share Budgets

    Invite your partner, roommate, or anyone else to your budget and sync transactions between each other.

    Multiple Accounts

    Set up your spending & savings accounts as well as any debt and see your total net worth.

    Fully Customizable

    Make the app yours by creating your own categories and choose the color themes of the app.

    Dark Mode

    Of course, you can go either light or dark mode, whatever fits your mood.

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  • Free to Try
  • Over 3m Users
  • 4.7 / 5 Rating
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